Accepting The Task


Listen . . . 

Think On This . . . 

Joshua (1:1) underlines a big task for the ancient man, Joshua: Move your nation across the flooding waters of the Jordan River.

God calls each and everyone of us to take on our life-task . . . our assignment . . . our purpose . . .  our why.  It does not mean it’s easy.  But:

  • It’s our’s to do. 
  • It’s a choice to believe God will make a way through the circumstances to do what’s ours to do.
  • It requires courageous faith to take the steps to move from where we are to where God has planned for us to go.
  • It’s an amazing gift.

There’s no need to worry. 

 God will provide the confidence to to do what’s ours to do  . . . the courage to take each step . . . the grace to go through the process . . . and the power to accomplish it.


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