Advent: Friday, December 20 . . . Joy


Listen . . .

Think On This . . .

Friday ended up being my day off . . .  reserved for a fun day with our kiddos before they reached school age . . . and became a day of  great joy. 

We not only reserved time to do something fun but to have time for memorable conversations. 

At age four, our oldest one led most of the conversations as her two-year-old sister tried to catch up.

She asked many questions to think on, including,

“Do angels laugh?”


One of my favorite conversations went something like this:

“Nana, do you think it’s daytime or night-time?”

Me:  “It’s daytime.”

“Right.  Nana, you can’t use a night-time diaper for my sister when it’s daytime.”

Me:  “It’s almost on.  It will be okay.”

This very smart four-year old became desperate.  “NANA!”  

She looked at me and held out her hand: Hand it over.”

I dutifully handed the diaper over. She had already retrieved a daytime diaper and gave it to me with obvious relief. There’s so much in this . . . her personality . . . way of thinking . . . and desire to help me do the right thing . . .

I still laugh and have great joy when I think about this and many other conversations.

I wonder how heaven views humanity? 

What is heard?  What is seen?  What is thought?


If. . . angels do laugh . . . I’m sure mine . . . and some of your conversations . . .  have produced a lot of laughter and joy in heaven. 

Think. On. This.

Light Three Candles

Today . . .

light the candle symbolizing hope . . .  

light the candle symbolizing love . . .

and light the candle symbolizing joy. 

Think about how your life brings joy to all of heaven. 

Merry Christmas!

Perspective . . . 

“. . . Day after day I was there, with my joyful applause, always enjoying his company, delighted with the world of things and creatures, happily celebrating the human family” (Excerpt from Proverbs 8:22-31 (MSG)). 

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