Anyway . . . Open The Door


We never know who is going to be at our door; however, we need to know our response to each one matters.

The thing is . . . regardless of the amount of time we have to connect . . . we have an opportunity to enthusiastically greet the individual with the authentic belief there’s something amazing about them.


Each individual is uniquely created in amazing ways, whether they are aware of it or not.

Anyway . . .

The individual may not receive our belief in them.  In fact, the person may have unresolved soul matters which cause them to hear and receive our viewpoint with negativity.  If, this is the case . . . our best advice is to continue to see more and bless them . . . as they go on their way.

These individuals may never see what you see; however, you have done your part in opening the door for them to see their best.

Anyway . . .

Some individuals secretly hope things go wrong for others because nothing seems right in their own life.   These individuals often resort to gossip, lies, and shunning to alleviate their inner pain.   It’s a revelation of their need for healing.


When these individuals come to the door of our life, we have the opportunity to quietly bless them by responding with understanding and prayer for healing rather than retaliating.

Anyway . . .

Open the door . . . with enthusiasm . . . for the amazing ways God has created each and everyone.


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