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There is a profound connection with the love of God when we reach out to others with acts of love. 

This kind of love is not about a program or some kind of challenge, it’s a real love given out of of the desire to make a difference by sharing the love of God. 

Love is the mission and reason to live . . . which is the radical way of Jesus . . . and is a different way to live than our culture demonstrates.  It’s been proven over the centuries that everything is different when the love of Jesus is revealed and released.

Yes.  It’s a risk to love in our loveless world. 

Yes.  It changes the way we live when we love everybody. 

Yes.  It’s worth everything to love everybody.

Take the risk and follow the example of Jesus’ love. 

Reach out to anyone and everyone with love. 

Will it be different? 

Yes.  But.  Jesus was different . . . the friend of many . . . the overcomer of the oppressed. 

The thing is . . . we are assigned . . .  to be like Jesus, to love like Jesus, to live like Jesus, and to be different.

Word . . . 

“Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end” (John 13:1b (NIV)).

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