Best Practice: Inspirational Organization


There’s so much to life that is a long-term process with few immediate results.   It’s one reason I love organizing my own life as well as helping others to organize their life.

  • Organization is tangible. 
  • Organization makes an immediate difference. 
  • Organization is a tool to navigate through all the other stuff. 
  • Organization is wise.
  • Organization is a best practice. 

Organization serves what’s ours to do.  To-do lists are key to keeping organized.  Admittedly, I am a list maker.


I enjoy placing a check mark beside whatever has been completed.


I’ve learned the power of creating the to-do list as an inspirational visual rather than a task-list.
This lesson formed over years of purchasing tons of books on organization and time management, studied and learned problem solving techniques by taking classes and attending seminars on the latest organization tools and techniques. I tried over and over to unlock the secret code to living organized every. single. day.
It took time to realize organization . . . is a key piece of soul work . . . in the process of discovering the gift of our life.

The organizational actions of streamlining and simplifying change when it’s underlined with inspirational purpose.  In the end, gratitude for the gift of life is the foundation of organizing from the inside-out.  

The best practice of organization must be developed in order to make a difference.  Begin this best practice by organizing one space once a week.  Develop this as part of your weekly routine on a specific day. (Excerpt from the article, Best Practice: Organizaiton).

Be inspired.  Enjoy the gift of organizing in order to do what’s yours to do in the best way.


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