Best Practice: Intentional Gratefulness


Turns out, I’ve learned the gift of the day is easily missed without intentionality. 

The word, intentional, is used and heard often in our culture.  It makes sense.

So much of life is missed because of the pressures of living. 

Intentionality shifts our focus to what matters.

Intentionally Grateful

Connecting intentionality with gratefulness not only changes the focus but the way life is navigated.

Imagine the difference in your own life and in the world when intentionality with gratefulness is a key element in the way life is filtered.

Developing the best practice of intentionality with gratefulness is a key investment of time.


Is there something in the way of gratefulness?   A belief, perception, thought, circumstance, habit, position, or possession holds the potential to oppose gratefulness and move us to a negative or dark state-of-being.

Best Practice Questions

There’s a shift in the way life is viewed and lived when three questions are asked every. single. day.

Why am I holding on to this?  Am I grateful for this?  Is this an investment which leads to the best?

Our own intentional gratefulness impacts our connection with each and every person.  It’s a best practice that individuals, couples, families and organizations are lacking and need to experience more than can be imagined.

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