Best Practice: Organize One Thing


TableThink is always looking for easy organization systems. One of our best practice recommendations is organizing one thing . . .  on one specific day . . . once a week.  In other words, organizing is a continual-ongoing-task.

The thing is . . . it’s easy to put off organization . . . until disorganization becomes a problem.  Disorganization disrupts rhythm and routine and requires more time and energy than keeping organized.  We’ve given a significant amount of time trying to get things back into order.  Along the way, we’ve learned an ongoing organization system serves our best.

Possessions are resources meant to serve what’s ours to do; however, we can end up serving a possession when it does not serve our purpose but requires space at home and work.  Mindless accumulation has become a problem in this era.  In the end, determining what and how we accumulate is key to value-living.

Note: Moving often convinces people to get rid of a good portion of their stuff.  It’s worth thinking about.


Years ago, an elderly friend gave a (scary) speech:

“It’s better to get rid of something now than to have someone go through your stuff after you leave this earth.  What we keep becomes part of our story.  Let’s be honest, our stuff leaves a message that’s not always complimentary. 

The person who sorts through our stuff after we die might not only  wonder why we kept something but will most likely tell others about it. 

You can’t do anything about what you leave behind after death; however,  you can take care of it now, unless, today is your day to leave the world.” 

Note:  We’ve been a part of going through what’s been left behind. It’s not only tedious but revealing and is a great motivator to take care of our own stuff.

The Point

It’s essential to manage our possessions . . . keeping what serves us . . . and letting go of the rest.  Organization often feels like one more thing to do.


Organization is an important piece of managing our life.  It’s ours to do.   We encourage you to try the simple system of organizing one thing . . . on a specific day . . . once a week.    It’s a best practice.

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