Best Practice: Ready For The Day


It makes a difference when we are ready for the day.

I’ve learned to evaluate the time it will take to get ready for a task or event before I agree to add it to my schedule. 

In the past I determined what it would take to add something to the day; however, I often missed the required time and energy to be ready to do what I agreed to do.  The thing is . . . life can be overwhelming . . . making survival the goal, priority, and a way of living.  Sometimes there does not seem to be enough time to take a deep breath, let alone to find the reason you’ve received the gift to live today and tomorrow.  It’s easy to think, “If, I can just get through this day . . . I will . . .  ” 

First Things First

While the evening routine looks different for individuals, we advise everyone to create space and make time to decompress and relax every. single. evening. 

Decompression from the day reduces the risk of starting the next day with more stress than the day before. 

The specific and intentional practice of decompression underlines the three elements of routine, rhythm, and routine

  1. Routine: A regular and fixed best practice . . . decompress every. single. evening. 
  2. Rhythm: A sequenced pattern  . . .  decompress after navigating the pressures of the day.
  3. Ritual:  A meaningful and sacred practice  . . . .  decompress to underline the gift of the day. 

Routine At The End Of The Day

The best routine is doing what works for you.  Here’s some of the best elements of our personal routines at TableThink:

Tonight:  Do the tasks required . . .  to be ready to do the tasks and events . . .  you have agreed to do tomorrow. 

  • End the day with time to decompress and relax.
  • Clean up your living space. (This best practice sets a calmer atmosphere to end and begin the day.)
  • Make sure your clothes for tomorrow are picked out, including workout clothes.  (Scrambling in the morning to find a piece of clothing or to make sure something is clean produces frustration and wastes time.  By the way, this reduces arguments with kids and establishes a great routine for the rest of their life.)
  • Prep for tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  ( Preparing a weekly menu and doing weekly shopping helps to eat your best.  Planning also decreases the stress of meal-making.)
  • Review tomorrow’s schedule.
  • Update tomorrow’s to-do list.
  • Give thanks for three things.  (Gratitude changes everything.)
  • Evaluate what today’s circumstances taught you.  (There’s always a lesson to be learned.)
  • Focus on the joy of tomorrow.  (The entire trajectory of the next day begins with how we think about it.)
  • Read.  (Reading can decrease stress, slow breathing down, and provide relaxation.)
  • Drink a cup of hot tea to relax.  Drink water. (Hydration is important day and night.  In fact, it’s helpful to have water available by your bedside.)
  • End the day in a prayerful state. Pray and meditate on a God-word.  (Listen to TableThink’s “Think on This” short podcast.)

Note . . . 

As pastors and life-coaches, we’ve listened to the stories of many people over the years.  It’s clear (more than ever) that individuals who work to develop best practices (healthy habits) and delete what’s not working (unhealthy habits) will find fulfillment and live their best.

Yes. Developing best practices is a life-time process. It requires intentionality and action.

When we keep doing what’s not working, it will continue not to work.  In other words, we become our own victim when we do less than best.  Best practices are an investment to the fulfillment of our best.

The thing is . . . fulfillment rises exponentially when best practices are developed . . . becoming a part of the rhythm, routine, and ritual (our three “R’s”) of our daily life:

  • Routine: A regular and fixed weekly best practice.
  • Rhythm: A  harmonious and synchronistic pattern of living.
  • Ritual:  A space for meaningful and sacred moments.

Best Practice

TableThink’s Mission

It’s our mission to invest our time and energy in serving you with  inspiration and innovation to live the best in your exceptional life. 


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