Celebrate The Simple Things


The appreciation and celebration of simple things is often missed in this fast paced era.  It’s a TableThink conversation.  Most say they need life to be simpler and less complicated, but struggle to find a way to make it possible.  Of course, there are days and seasons that the simple things are completely missed because of all that must be managed and navigated.

Even, so. 

How life is lived matters.  How we choose to live will form our life.  How we experience life is a daily decision.

Nothing changes until we choose to make changes.  The thing is . . . the advent of summer . . . gives reason to find our way to the simple things of life and make a few changes.

We encourage you to make a list of some your favorite simple things to do and implement at least one to appreciate and celebrate in your day.  Here’s ten simple things to do outside from an excerpt of TableThink’s list:

  1. Enjoy your first morning coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie outside.
  2. Start a daily picture journal.  Take a picture of something or someone outside to remember the gift of the day.
  3. Read a book under the shade of a tree.
  4. Turn off technology and take a walk outside, mindful of the gift of the day.
  5. Garden in your own space or a shared community space.
  6.  Find a farm to pick berries.  Or.  Purchase fresh picked berries.  Take your fresh berries home and eat them with ice cream.  (This is hands-down the best summer dessert.)
  7. Take a meal outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the day or evening.
  8. Sit outside and listen to the sounds of summer.
  9. Plan a day trip to your favorite outdoor space.  Take pictures.  Be mindful of the gift of the space.
  10. Explore outdoor spaces near and far from where you live.   Enjoy the beauty and all the space offers.

There’s much more to the list; however, the point is simply this:  Learning to live with appreciation and celebration of the simple things matters.

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