A friend asked me,  “How do you launch a new organization?.  My answer, “Keep communicating and work hard.”

He laughed and responded, “No, seriously, how do you get things started?”

Communication and hard work are key to almost everything. The best working and personal relationships are produced through good communication.   For years, I’ve recommended weekly business meetings to keep communication open and ongoing for individuals, couples, and families, as well as organizations.

Joshua and I agree to be respectful in our communication with our team and one another, regardless of our opinions or thoughts.  We both have been in situations where disrespect seemed to be accepted, creating angst and division amongst those concerned.  We often talk about our vision for TableThink, discussing and developing strategies to move closer to the vision.

I’ve found working hard is easier when there’s a shared vision of the outcome.  It gives meaning to the work. We brainstorm, discussing and planning the specific steps we need to take, the how-to of each component, and the time required.   And, we schedule and assign tasks.  All the specifics are written down in a logical sequential order.  Nothing is left to chance.

At the end of the meeting we are clear on the key points of our communication.  

We use an online communication system with each other and whoever else is assigned to do specific work. This is especially helpful when we are working different hours and separately from one another.  Knowing we are working hard because we believe our vision is attainable motivates us to keep moving forward. We work at being efficient and effective, eliminating the unnecessary.  If, something is not done on time, we review the reasons things have not been completed, identify the obstacles, and evaluate what needs to be done.  When our work has not produced the desired outcome, we evaluate, determine what needs to be learned, and move forward.

The Business Meeting
  • Take a seat at the table with purpose, focusing on the business of life with the goal of using it to communicate what needs to be done, who will do it, and when the tasks need to be completed.
  • Schedule twenty minutes a week for the business meeting.  Twenty minutes may not seem very long but it’s more likely to occur if it the time is not prolonged.  It also helps to prevent conversations which are off-topic.  If, something needs to be discussed, schedule time for it at your meeting. Put the parameters on the time and stick with it.
  • Make the business meeting a priority to keep communication open and ongoing.   Discussing scheduling, tasks, appointments, errands, bills to be paid and other operational details simplifies the process of living and working together.
  • Discuss the details of the week, nothing else.  Schedule a separate time to discuss issues. This changes the dynamics of the week for individuals, couples, families, and organizations.

The business of life and work is a reality.  When we communicate and work hard together, it not only makes it easier but enjoyable. At the end of the day,  communication and hard work are essentials to living our best whether it’s business or personal.

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