Doing What’s Ours To Do


Sometimes we become so focused on what must be accomplished . . .  that we lose sight of what matters . . . and miss more than can be imagined.

It’s a choice to invest our time with what’s ours to do.  And.  It’s a choice to waste time with what does not matter.  

Of course, there’s always the big question:  “What’s mine to do?”

It takes diligent determination to constantly be evaluating the answer to this question in the seasons of our life.


Sometimes it’s exhausting to get to the answer of it all.

While it’s a process to find the answer, you will find it.  Because.  God reveals. 

I can tell you for sure:   Each day is a piece of the bigger picture of our assigned purpose.


I can tell you for sure the key factor in knowing we are doing what’s ours to do . . .  is peace . . . the kind that can only be explained as a gift from God.

Listen . . . 

Think On This . . . 

Wednesday is our day to focus on doing what’s ours to do, which is our God-given specific “why” of living.  This is a sacred entrustment,  never to be misused or abandoned. 

Time is our subject today.  Time is a gift.  Time is a big-deal.  Time measures what we do with the days of our life.

Our culture tends to push us into the mindset of doing and achieving to be first and foremost. 


When all is said and done, time is a gift to be invested with love, grace, peace, and joy as our top priority.

These are the key element’s of our  why . . . what’s ours to do . . .  in the gift of the time we receive.

Our “why” makes a difference in this world whether it appears to be a big deal or not. It’s not about doing more but doing what’s ours to do. The thing is . . . the power and meaning of your “why” . . . comes from God with the gift of time to accomplish it.


It requires intention to activate our “why” and invest it in whatever amount of time there is to do it.
Today is ours to do what’s ours to do.
It matters.

Perspective . . . 

” . . .  For everything that happens in life—there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven . . . ” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 (Voice)). 

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TableThink’s Next . . . 

We’re looking forward to the great days ahead as we continue to prepare for launching our new website, online community, and more. We have encountered some obstacles which has delayed our launch until February 2020. We hope you will join us in praying for what more God has for all of us in this time of waiting.

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