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The Apostle Paul described the sharing of the dynamic and powerful energy of the Spirit in Philippians 2.  

The reality of living in Christ allows an individual to know the reality of the presence of the Spirit.

Nonetheless, too many individuals live without connecting with the Spirit’s energetic empowerment. Each day provides an opportunity to live infused with the dynamic energy of the Spirit of God. Through the Spirit, we are empowered to live freely and fully energized, regardless of any and all challenges.


When we come together in the Spirit . . . the sharing of life . . . increases our energy and ability to live our best.

Regardless of circumstances, live in the dynamic powerful energy of the Spirit of God. 

Share in the energetic power with one another, freed to live fulfilled. 

Word . . .

“. . . Any sharing in the Spirit. . .” (Philippians 2:1c (NRS)).

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