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Think On This:   You are invited to take a seat at TableThink’s virtual table to join our conversation about God’s power at work in our lives.

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Joshua shares about his love of technology and how there’s always something more on the horizon.  

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Have you been introduced to Adventure Academy? It’s an educational tool to help kids 8-13 years-old to learn.  They are offering the first month free and offering a discount.   Some schools are providing this tool for their students.  Anyway . . .  You can find the information in this article under Living Our Best Together: Adventure Academy.

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THINK ON THIS  . . . Four Words

God is for us.  

So Who can be against us?

(Romans 8:31)


God . . .  is . . .  for . . .  us.  

There’s nothing random with God, who promises all things will work together for good, regardless of how difficult things become.  

God is present.

God is light in the darkness. 

God makes the rough places smooth.   

God makes a way and leads us through it. 

God will make you new. 

God will find you when everything is  lost. 

When we have the sole belief that God is everything in life, then, we will see nothing has the power to take away what really matters.  Romans 8:29-31 . . . challenges us to think if, God is for us . . .  then, who can be against us?  

  • Trust God to make a way in the most difficult and challenging places of life.
  • Let the burden of hard things go, surrender it all, and trust God.
  • Trust God to be for you and not against you. 

Living Our Best Together: Adventure Academy

Check their site out @   “AN EPIC LEARNING ADVENTURE AWAITS!  You’re invited to join the ranks of young scholars at Adventure Academy, a fully immersive virtual universe for those seeking knowledge and adventure. Gain access to hundreds of hours of educational activities teaching essential skills in math, language arts, science, social studies, and much more!”

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