Friday Review: One Small Thing


An element of living our best is being kind, regardless of the situation.


We are reviewing the conversation from TableThink’s article, One Small Thing.”

It’s worth thinking on.  Have a great day!  ~Joshua & Kerrie

One Small Thing

This is a short reminder to be kind today. 

Kindness matters.

Even so, opportunities are easily missed. 

The busy-pressured-problem-centered era makes it a challenge to engage our minds with who’s around us and what we can do for them in a few seconds.

At first glance, doing one small thing does not seem to matter.


Kindness is noticeable and matters. 

The effort and time it takes to do one small thing like paying for a strangers coffee, opening a door, giving your place in line, leaving an extra tip, sending an encouraging text . . . change the dynamics of someone’s day as well as our own.

Think on this:  Chris Evans‘ kindness was noted at the Oscars this past Sunday.

Doing one small thing matters to everybody.

Giving a few seconds of kindness makes a difference.

Be kind.  It matters.

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