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Today’s Think On This podcast comes from our conversation about understanding God is the story of the day rather than our circumstances.  My niece, Brianna Carlisle, joined TableThink’s conversation.  She’s been in quarantine for several days. 

We discussed how it’s easy to allow the negativity of a circumstance to invade our thoughts and attach to our narrative.

Eventually, negativity becomes our focus and ultimately personal truth.  

A turnaround is needed.   In business, the turnaround is a retrenchment strategy which often involves discontinuing certain products to make a beneficial turnaround.

A soul-deep turnaround requires intentional work to discontinue making circumstances the story of the day. 

Transformation occurs when God is our story.

The turnaround leading to transformation requires negative words, thoughts, feelings, and actions to be released with the decision to focus on the presence of God. 

LISTEN . . . 


There are techniques and tools to navigate the fear we have from negative circumstances.   Memorization and prayer of specific truth is helpful. Romans 8:31 is a key God-word to use to shift the focus from circumstances to God.

“If, God  is for us (me) then who (what) can be against us (me)?”  (Concept from Romans 8:31). 

The turnaround begins with the words, “God is for me.”

Exchange the negative words in your narrative with these four words, detaching from the power and pressure of negativity, attaching to the truth God is for you.  

The thing is . . . when negativity is from worry and fear about a circumstance . . . it’s helpful to know something good will occur no matter how hard life becomes.

“God is for me and all these details will work together for good” (see Romans 8:28). 

In the end . . . God is the story . . . every. single. day.

Brianna chose to turn around from the negative and write some songs.   She put one song to music and gave me permission to share it.  The title is “Great Shepherd” and is worth taking a moment of quiet to listen and meditate on the words.  This song is something good that came out of a challenging circumstance. 
“I wrote this song on my couch the other day as a reminder of God’s faithfulness during a time of quarantine. There are so many fears and unknowns in our world today; but He’s faithful to lead us when we tune in. I encourage you to look up, listen for that still small voice, remind yourself that His voice is the most accurate interpretation for life’s circumstances, and let that reality seep into your spirit. Hope this song blesses you.  ~Brianna Carlisle 
Watch and listen to Brianna from her apartment . . .


If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

(Romans 8:31b, NLT). 

AND . . .

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Thank you for joining our conversation today. Take time to think on this and join us tomorrow. 

We pray you are finding your way through the world’s current life-storm.  Our TableThink team welcomes your comments, questions, and prayer requests, you can email us at hello@tablethink.com.

We are releasing our Think On This series, Managing Fear, on our daily podcast today to help all ages navigate through the current situation in the world.  These podcasts will be about 5 minutes long rather than our normal 1-2 minutes and will be released on our website, Alexaitunes, and podbean every. single. day. 

TableThink’s Next

We are looking forward to the great days ahead as we continue to prepare for launching  our new website, online community, and more.  We have encountered some obstacles which has delayed our launch until later this year.  We hope you will join us in praying for what more God has for all of us in this time of waiting.

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