It’s Monday!   

Monday is our day to ramp it up by a renewed commitment.

So . . . this week we are in conversation about . . . recommitting to being fully invested  in our “why” and the work of it.  

Recommitting to the shared belief of the need to be fully invested is a crucial element in every relationship, family, and organization.  This practice produces trust and assurance that each of us are “all in,” regardless of what comes at us.

Colossians 3:23 says to put our heart and soul into whatever we do as if, we are doing it for God. In other words, going through the motions is not enough.  We need to be fully invested to be and do our best, understanding it’s a piece of the with-God life.

We both agree it’s difficult to invest our life fully into those who have not or will not fully invest.  Without a full investment, there is a vulnerability to distractions and giving less than our best, which at some point will lead to a collapse and chaos.  

It’s seen in every facet of life:  Our effort is congruent with our investment.


Our investment is revealed through our effort. 

We’ve also found our energy increases when we recommit to our full investment on a daily basis.  Conversely, exhaustion easily sets in when we’re less invested.

  • First and foremost:  We invest our life with God and one another.
  • Also:  We invest in the life we’ve received, which includes self-care and continual learning.
  • Ultimately:  We invest in whatever serves our purpose and mission, which is our “why.”

There’s a life-long return on investing in what’s ours to do.  The return continues generation after generation.  Investment is key to living our best.

Please note:  Doing something  for ourselves empowers us to be at our best to invest in what matters.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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  1. Kerrie,

    Somebody dear, taught me,
    “With every step that you take in life, do it with purpose!” ~Kerrie Palmer~

    God has taught me so much through your wisdom Kerrie! Just know, that I continually pass your words on to many others! ❤️

    Kevin Robertson


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