Is It Special To You?


More than often, there  does not seem to be enough time.  There are an amazing amount of classes, books, and blogs focusing on time management.

The big-deal question: Is there enough time?

The truth is there’s enough time.  Yet.  Most of us feel there is never enough time.  The thing is . . . we have a specific number of days . . .  to do what’s ours to do in our lifetime.

Rather than trying to focus on managing time, we’ve found focusing on investing time is smart and a best practice.   

The best question:  Do you believe time is a special gift?

At the end of the day . . . time is a gift. . . to be invested with care, confidence, and courage.

Best Advice:  Invest Your Time

  1. Determine what matters.
  • Say “yes” to only what matters.
  • Do what matters.

2.  Evaluate the peaks and valleys of energy (this is art and science).

  • Determine the amount of energy which will be expended rather than just putting a task or event on the calendar.
  • Create space for a moment or more to pause, re-focus, and re-energize before going to the next.

My energy is higher in the morning than in the afternoon, so scheduling changes to accommodate my energy level.  Joshua is the complete opposite.  His best time is in the evening. So.  We have learned to make adjustments in our production of TableThink.   We’re more efficient and productive when we block enough time to be re-energized and fresh for the next task. (Excerpt from the article, Declutter Your Schedule.) 

3.  Develop rhythm, routine, and rituals (3 R’s) in the day.

Balancing the elements of the day is often stressful, TableThink’s “3 R’s” are an important piece of living the best.

I studied, researched, and tested systems and finally found rhythm, routine, and ritual brought the fulfillment I thought balance would bring. (Excerpt from the article, Weekend Time). 

Time is a special gift given to each and every human being. Time is to be invested wisely rather than spent carelessly.

Investing time is a lifetime process.

Investing time produces a new way to think about time.

Investing time leads to the  specific path to live the best.

Invest the special gift of twenty-four hours today with gratefulness and celebration.

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