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Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living.  *We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This practice serves who we are and what we do.

Each week we encourage you to think on the specific best practice: Learn what’s best.  Know why it’s best. Review why it’s best.


Implement what’s best through  Alignment.  Assimilation.  Activation.

Note From Kerrie

I’ve had incredible mentors who helped me understand confidence is essential to our best.   The thing is . . . some of the people I served with as well as served . . .  had the belief women could not and should not lead everyone.   Their belief chipped away at my confidence. And.   I came from an era that taught “women were to stay in their place.”   So.  I had to learn to be confident in the places God ordained me to be in.   It has been a journey.  The cool thing is . . . Joshua and I have determined to not only welcome and value everybody . . .  but to be confidence builders.  


This week our conversation at the table is focused on choosing to be confident.  

To be confident is to move out of the realm of anxiety and fear into the realm of certainty as we navigate our “now and not-yet” of life.   It’s not easy, but it’s possible to be confident in all situations.

The thing is . . . it’s difficult to imagine confidence is possible . . . when stress (anxiety and fear) is our normal rhythm and routine.   It requires intentionality, effort, and energy to intentionally break through our go-to pattern of living to develop confidence as a normal response.

Breaking through unhealthy patterns of living begins with changing our thought process.


Our actions are derived from our habitual perception and thought process.


Our mind must be taught how to think confidently.

1.  Meditate.

Meditation teaches the mind to focus on what matters, giving reason to experience peace regardless of the circumstances:

Daily meditation is a best practice. Whether it’s a few minutes or more . . . meditation on Truth . . . renews the mind and calms the soul.  It’s key to the best.  Begin with one of TableThink’s favorites:

”  . . . In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15, NKV).

Think on this:   Quietness and confidence is a state-of-being.   

Underline the two words throughout the day within your mind:  Quietness.  Confidence.  (Excerpt from the article, “A Daily Essential Practice.“)

2.  Evaluate.

A common reason for stress is encountering a pushback.  When the mind is taught “all is well” regardless of the pushback, confidence becomes a state-of-being as well as a response:

The definition of pushback is opposing, resisting, and forcefully pushing someone or something back.

There are many layers to managing a pushback.  The typical reaction is to react by pushing back on the person or situation; however, the wise first response is to see through it.  Look at every piece of it, evaluating what it is without thinking how it will impact who you are and what you are doing.  In other words, see it for what it is. (Excerpt from the article, “When There’s Pushback.“)

3.  Determination.

Each situation in life is an opportunity to determine all things are possible; however, the in-between or unsettled places of life often produce anxiety and stress, becoming an obstacle to our determination:

Settled is a rare luxury in our unsettled world.  The unknown of “now and then” makes managing life an ongoing challenge.  And, if, that’s not enough . . . exhaustion and down-right worry can easily become a companion in the deep of the unsettled place . . . making it difficult to go forward or for that matter to breathe. 

 Soul work is done in the unsettled places.  It’s where we wrestle, sift, and sort what’s truth and what’s not of truth . . .

Two words clarify the way through it:  “With God.”

Let these words speak to you:  Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” (Matthew 19:26, NLT).

Ultimately, the meaning of these two words, “with God” is revealed through Jesus, who is called Immanuel.  The translation for the Hebrew name, Immanuel, is “God with us.”

With God . . .  you are able to navigate and move through the unsettled places . . .  with peace and confidence.  (Excerpt from the article, “Sunday Soul Work: With God.“)

The three elements of meditation, evaluation, and determination are key in forming confidence in the “now and not yet” of living.

I can tell you for sure that these three elements have helped me navigate the adventure of life with confidence in God’s presence and activity in my life and those around me. ~Kerrie

All things are possible!  

There’s always more each and every day~Joshua & Kerrie

*Connect with  a life-coach, pastor, spiritual advisor, professional counselor, or trusted friend for direction, guidance, and wisdom. 

Joshua & Kerrie

Joshua & Kerrie are pastors, entrepreneurs, and co-developers of TableThink.

Joshua & Kerrie are in different seasons of life.  Joshua is in his first half of life; Kerrie is in her second.  Generational wisdom is a key piece of their best conversations with growth and contribution in the forefront.

Joshua is in the beginning years of his marriage with his wife, Louise.  Kerrie and her husband, Gregg, have been married for 42 years and have three children, two son-in-laws, and six grandchildren.  Joshua was born and raised in Arkansas.  He now lives in Oregon but says his Southern ways are ingrained within him.  Kerrie has always lived in the Pacific Northwest and loves everything about it, including rainy days.  Joshua has a passion for technology; he founded and oversees Joshua Lindley Consulting. Kerrie’s passion for serving people led her to becoming a registered nurse for a season, public speaking, and blogging.

Joshua & Kerrie invite everyone to take a seat at the table, ready and excited to learn from one another.  They  are passionate about what TableThink can be as they invest in the work with inspiration and innovation.  You are always welcome at TableThink’s virtual table.  You can connect by emailing:

October:  The Month of Possibilities

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TableThink’s Monday Rhythm, Routine, And Ritual 

  • Routine: A regular and fixed weekly best practice.
  • Rhythm: A sequenced pattern of living.
  • Ritual:  A set apart time and space for meaningful and sacred moments.

Monday is our day to ramp up and renew an element of living.  We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This best practice serves who we are and what we do.

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