It’s Monday!   

We separate the weekend from the 5-day week.  Slowing down on the weekend is key to gearing up and doing what’s ours to do during the week.  So. We have agreed Monday is our day to ramp it up by auditing where we are at and what we need to do with a renewed commitment.

Of course, each and everyone has their own unique schedule.  The point is . . . this exercise is key . . . for an individual, couple, and family as well as an organization.  

We are at our best when we are aware of who we are and audit how we are doing what’s ours to do.

So . . . this week we are in conversation about . . . our differences. 

Joshua and I come from different decades, parts of the country, and perspective.    We are intentionally  paying attention to the value of our differences as we build the TableThink team and invite others to take a seat at our table.

The thing is . . . we respect and enjoy our differences . . . in the way we think, speak, and do things at TableThink. 

We are unable to understand each other’s story until we take the time to listen to one another.   It’s a piece of our personal and organizational growth.


Listening provides the opportunity to honor one another for the courage and honesty to bring  uniqueness to the table.  

Our differences allow for new insight and rich feedback for one another.


Differences give a greater perspective.

We’ve found our differences produce inspiration and innovation at a greater rate because it gives us a multi-dimensional perspective.  

It’s important to remember differences do not mean we are against each other. We are committed to unity.

Unity is co-participation and co-sharing in who we are and what we do.

Unity does not mean we think the same; unity is the commitment to be “for” one another and the belief we are stronger together.

One more thing to note:  Simple kindness needs to be added to the list.  It makes a big difference to those who feel invisible because of their differences.  There’s no reason for rudeness, disrespect, or a mean spirit towards one another.

It’s a good day to recommit to unity, honoring our differences.

There’s always more on Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

Listen to the  2-minute Think On This podcast and read the companion devotion, “Stay The Course,” for inspiration.

Monday–Joshua and Kerrie

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