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It’s Monday!   

Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living.   We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This practice serves who we are and what we do.

This week our conversation at the table is about taking time away from the regular schedule to relax. 

We have made some big goals these past months; however, this is not a goal but a non-negotiable best-practice.

The thing is . . .

we are taking time away to relax . . . and celebrate the holiday this week.

Taking time away to relax is essential to live our best.  It requires the decision to put the work of the normal routine aside, detaching from the pressures and problems, making space to breathe. This practice is a multi-dimensional asset to every element of living.

This practice allows us to gain perspective and see the sacred gift of life.   Of course, there may be some negative situations and people we have allowed to block our view.


It gives space to discern what and who is holding us hostage.


Blaming something or someone happens, taking our energy and time away from what matters.  It’s our responsibility to release and let go or whatever does not fit our best.

We are born to be free to be who we are to be and do what’s ours to do.

No one knows the challenges ahead; however, taking time away from the routine of the week to relax is a catalyst to our best.

Make it a great day!  

There’s always more each and every day–Joshua & Kerrie

Joshua & Kerrie

Joshua & Kerrie are pastors, entrepreneurs, and co-developers of TableThink.

Joshua & Kerrie are in different seasons of life.  Joshua is in his first half of life; Kerrie is in her second.  Generational wisdom is a key piece of their best conversations with growth and contribution in the forefront.

Joshua is in the beginning years of his marriage with his wife, Louise.  Kerrie and her husband, Gregg, have been married for 42 years and have three children, two son-in-laws, and six grandchildren.  Joshua was born and raised in Arkansas.  He now lives in Oregon but says his Southern ways are ingrained within him.  Kerrie has always lived in the Pacific Northwest and loves everything about it, including rainy days.  Joshua has a passion for technology; he founded and oversees Joshua Lindley Consulting. Kerrie’s passion for serving people led her to becoming a registered nurse for a season, public speaking, and blogging.

Joshua & Kerrie invite everyone to take a seat at the table, ready and excited to learn from one another.  They  are passionate about what TableThink can be as they invest in the work with inspiration and innovation.  You are always welcome at TableThink’s virtual table.  You can connect by emailing:

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