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Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living.  *We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This practice serves who we are and what we do.

This week our conversation at the table is focused on preparing for more, which goes hand in hand with TableThink’s November theme of anticipation (November 2019: The Month Of Anticipation). 

We are anticipating TableThink’s launch  of a new website, online community, and more on Sunday, December 1, 2019.


It won’t happen without doing the work.

Many things have and will come at us, making it easy to let the urgent drive what we do.   

By the way, the urgent to-do’s often appear more than once at the top of the list in relationships, organizations, and communities.

It’s habitual.

The thing is . . . what we do . . . reveals what we believe matters most.

Of course, this easily becomes an argument when the urgent is in front of everything else. 

The common response to the urgent is to feel there’s no other choice.  There’s a difference between the urgent of life and a crisis.   Even so, the urgent  can end up becoming a never-ending daily crisis.

TableThink’s Three


Start with a a fresh perspective and anticipation of more by exercising the mind with the truth of positivity and possibilities.

In other words revise your perspective.

Taking the time to revise our perspective is a wise investment of time and energy.  The thing is . . . negativity is a key element . . .  of a victim mentality and life-style.  The best perspective is formed from believing the best about an individual and a situation with the underlying faith principle:  All things work together for good. 


Take a moment to determine what needs to be surrendered.

Surrender is a big deal; however, it’s often ignored or put off.  Surrendering first thing in the day paves the way for more.

There’s power in soul-deep surrender, an act of giving self to God. Surrender opens the door to the “more” God has for us. Surrender is not a one-time thing, but is to be ongoing in the with-God life.  Surrender is a significant element of the best.  

The thing is . . . surrender marks new beginnings . . . producing a new vision, understanding, and resolve to live the best.


Focus on the necessary of the day.

The unnecessary stuff is not worth our energy and time.  Ultimately, the unnecessary of living takes  energy and time away from the important matters of the day.

Each of us has been assigned to be the best manager of the life we’ve received. 


It’s wise to make the effort and use energy to strategize and implement ways to focus on what matters and stay on course. 

TableThink’s Three More

We are assigned to live this day with the best attitude, thoughts, words, and actions.  When we are mindful to prepare for our best in the beginning of the day, there’s a soul-deep shift which directs the way we respond to anyone and anything.


Believe the best rather than the worst. 

We analyze and evaluate in terms of what’s best rather than what’s worst.  Our trajectory is the best.


Show up with calm and certainty of more.

This requires courage and effort.  It strengthens who we are and inspires many.  It aligns with living the best.  It activates a break-through in the small and big details of the challenges.  It’s  a catalyst to more.


Do what’s yours to do. 

Nothing is solved by doing nothing.  Look for what more can be done and do what you can do.

There’s always more each and every day~Joshua & Kerrie

*Connect with  a life-coach, pastor, spiritual advisor, professional counselor, or trusted friend for direction, guidance, and wisdom. 

Joshua & Kerrie

Joshua & Kerrie are pastors, entrepreneurs, and co-developers of TableThink.

Joshua & Kerrie are in different seasons of life.  Joshua is in his first half of life; Kerrie is in her second.  Generational wisdom is a key piece of their best conversations with growth and contribution in the forefront.

Joshua is in the beginning years of his marriage with his wife, Louise.  Kerrie and her husband, Gregg, have been married for 42 years and have three children, two son-in-laws, and six grandchildren.  Joshua was born and raised in Arkansas.  He now lives in Oregon but says his Southern ways are ingrained within him.  Kerrie has always lived in the Pacific Northwest and loves everything about it, including rainy days.  Joshua has a passion for technology; he founded and oversees Joshua Lindley Consulting. Kerrie’s passion for serving people led her to becoming a registered nurse for a season, public speaking, and blogging.

Joshua & Kerrie invite everyone to take a seat at the table, ready and excited to learn from one another.  They  are passionate about what TableThink can be as they invest in the work with inspiration and innovation.  You are always welcome at TableThink’s virtual table.  You can connect by emailing:

TableThink’s Mission

It’s our mission to invest our time and energy in serving you with  inspiration and innovation to live the best in your exceptional life. 

November 2019: The Month Of Anticipation

TableThink’s Monday Rhythm, Routine, And Ritual 

  • Routine: A regular and fixed weekly best practice.
  • Rhythm: A sequenced pattern of living.
  • Ritual:  A set apart time and space for meaningful and sacred moments.

Monday is our day to ramp up and renew an element of living.  We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This best practice serves who we are and what we do.

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