It’s Stormy


Today’s Think On This podcast comes from our conversation at the table about the storms of life.  We pray you are finding your way through the world’s current life-storm.  Our TableThink team welcomes your comments, questions, and prayer requests, you can email us at

We will be releasing an article, Everything Is Going To Be Okay, this coming weekend to help all ages navigate through the current situation in the world.

On Monday, March 23, we will be releasing our Think On This series, Managing Fear, on our daily podcast.  These podcasts will be about 5 minutes long rather than our normal 1-2 minutes and will be released on our website, Alexaitunes, and podbean every. single. day. 
May you be blessed with peace in the midst of the storm!~Joshua & Kerrie
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The storms of life are a reality.
We all need a safe space to process it all.
When we take the time and make the space to take a closer look . . . we are in position for a revelation of what really matters . . . and a subsequent outcome of transformation within our mind, heart, and soul.
In the end, we can be certain God will walk us through the storm, revealing what really matters along the way, transforming who we are and what we do in amazing ways.
Hold on . . . be calm . . . and remember . . . there’s a revelation to be seen and a transformation to be experienced in each and every. life. storm.
. . . Thank you for joining our conversation today. Take time to think on this and join us tomorrow. 

Think On This . . . devotional and podcast is released every. single. day.  You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexaitunes, and podbean.

TableThink’s Next

We are looking forward to the great days ahead as we continue to prepare for launching  our new website, online community, and more.  We have encountered some obstacles which has delayed our launch until later this year.  We hope you will join us in praying for what more God has for all of us in this time of waiting.

TableThink’s Mission

It’s our mission to invest our time and energy in serving you with  inspiration and innovation to live the best in your exceptional life.


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