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~Monday is our day to ramp it up and renew an element of living. There’s a newness of life when we focus our energy on a piece of our best.
This week our conversation at the table is life in death.

I’ve had many people ask me about how I feel about death. They tell me they don’t want the pastor answer. I speak truthfully when I say, “I have peace with death.”

My niece asked me what I thought about heaven. “Do you believe it really exists?”
I answered: “I believe heaven is a real place. In fact, I’ve come to believe, we haven’t seen anything on earth compared to what’s next when we step into the divine dimension.
Yes . . . there is a difficult element in dying . . . leaving those we love, the life we’ve built, and even the obstacles we’ve worked so hard to conquer.”

The with-God life reveals there’s more than what can be seen in death. I have a firm conviction that the soul lives in death which has been formed through study and time with those who are dying.  I recommend studying Psalm 23 to begin exploring what it means to die. This passage is often read at the bedside of the dying and in a funeral service.

It’s God’s revelation of our ongoing relationship: “I am here. I am here with you. I am for you. I am always for you. I will walk with you through the dark valley and give you courage along the way. I will give you life, even in death.”
Our relationship with God does not end in our final moments on earth but continues on after death.  Because.  Death is a new beginning rather than an ending of life.

Perception . . . 

“The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd.I always have more than enough” (Psalm 23:1 (TPT)). 

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