Merry Christmas To You And Your All!


To:   You and Your All

May you be blessed today and all of your days with the gifts of Christmas  . . .

Christmas Hope

No matter how desperate, how crushing, or how challenging it all becomes . . .  there’s hope . . . there’s an anchor . . . there’s a reason to take a breath and move forward.  Romans 5:5 says this hope . . . Christmas hope . . .  will not lead to disappointment.

Christmas Love

There’s  much more to the celebration of Christ’s coming than what we normally think about,  requiring thought and intention to move into a celebration that is beyond the traditional glitter and gifts . . . it’s about God loving the world through the gift of Christ.

Christmas Joy

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.”

JOY, heaven’s gift, moves past the messiness, pressures, and tragedies of the world.  The thing is . . . I’ve learned heaven’s gift of Christmas joy . . . is part of the faith and hope that moves us through the hard places of life.  

Christmas Peace

Though the world around us is shaken with problems and crisis, we can be assured of the transforming unshakeable peace of God.  We have the opportunity to choose to navigate chaos and crisis through the peace of God, refusing to be personally shaken.

Christmas Light

The Light of the world broke through the darkness. “And the darkness could not comprehend it.” 

Merry Christmas! From The TableThink Team

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