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Think On This:   You are invited to take a seat at TableThink’s virtual table to join our conversation about God’s goodness.

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Joshua compares the movie, The Greatest Showman, with life. 

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Visit Yellowstone National Park online.  There’s some interesting videos to watch in this article under Living Our Best Together: Yellowstone National Park.

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PERSPECTIVE . . . The More Never Ends

 The thing is . . . we tend to miss . . . big and small elements of the circumstances of our life without an intentional evaluation as well as a follow-up review.   Ultimately,  our perspective is greater with an awareness of God’s more.  It’s not that our story changes but that more is seen.
I come from a long line of storytellers.   Through the years, I discovered telling the story produces a soul-deep understanding of how the pieces of the story fit together to make a bigger picture than what’s  seen in the moment.   It’s a key component of transformation.

Living Our Best Together: Yellowstone National Park

The National Park Service offers videos and information about Yellowstone National Park.  It’s worth taking a look. 

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