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Joshua shares some details about his life.

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PERSPECTIVE . . . Keep Hope Alive

It’s a challenge to keep hopeful in this worldwide pandemic.  The suffering is beyond comprehension and the unknown challenges of the future is frightening.
Psalm 71 gives insight to the intentional decision to have hope: “I will keep hope alive,”
The Psalmist gives two key elements of the decision to keep hope alive:
To bear witness requires us to be fully present in the moment with the intent to notice God at work.  Keeping “God-sightings” at the forefront of our thoughts can help to change our perception and thought process.   It actually can be helpful for all ages. 
2.  I will SPEAK
Given the presence of suffering and fear in this world, we can underline the good in the situation to ourselves and others through the words we speak to ourselves and others.  The practice of discussing  the details of what God is doing holds the potential to renew energy as it decreases stress and distress.  
The thing is . . . we can keep hope alive . . .  together . . . in the new ordinary of the day . . . by paying attention to what God is doing . . . and having intentional conversations about it.
Be certain of this:  With God . . . there’s always . . .  more.

Living Our Best Together:  What Others Are Offering

Together.  It’s who we are at the table. 

Together is key to living our best.   So.  We began searching what others are offering online and added it to the daily Think On This article under LIVING OUR BEST TOGETHER. 

We’ve compiled what we’ve released the last few days.

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