November 2019: The Month Of Anticipation


November is the month of anticipation.

Anticipation is a gift of hope.   

Anticipation brings life-energy to individuals, couples, families, organizations, and communities. 

Anticipation is the catalyst to our inspiration, innovation, and investment in life. 

 In the end, it’s our choice to either be stuck in our limitations or to choose  the adventure of faith lived in and through the power of grace.

TableThink Definitions

Here’s some of our definitions of the words we use in the conversation of anticipation: 

God’s more: The ongoing, active, transforming love which provides each individual with a life beyond imagination.

Anticipation:  The expectation of God’s more.

Faith:   The certainty of God’s more.

Grace:  The power of God’s more.

Surrender:  The decisive act to let go and trust God.

There’s power in soul-deep surrender, an act of giving self to God. Surrender opens the door to the “more” God has for us. Surrender is not a one-time thing, but is to be ongoing in the with-God life.  Surrender is a significant element of the best.  The thing is . . . surrender marks new beginnings . . . producing a new vision, understanding, and resolve to live the best.

The New Of Anticipation

New life.  New hope.  New faith.  New destiny.  New way of thinking.  New attitude.  New confidence.  New boldness.  New courage.  New way.

*Jesus compared new life as new wine, which does not belong in old wineskins.   In other words, we must intentionally move out of our old pattern of thinking, behaving, and speaking to live in the new of Christ.  To leave the comfort of our old ways is never easy but always freeing.

Anticipation occurs with freedom from the “old,” producing the vision of God’s gift of the new in our life.

What Are You Anticipating?

As pastors and life-coaches, we engage with people who have let go of the gift of anticipation.

Our perception and emotions in a situation . . . can skew the truth of the reality . . . forming a negative belief to what will be.

It requires effort and action to refuse to take on negativity as a limitation, believing there’s more to the story in the with-God life.

Underline this soul-deep truth . . . 

You were born with a specific purpose, loved beyond reason by God.  


Make the choice to look forward with anticipation for the more of God every. single. day.

TableThink’s Anticipation

We are anticipating great days ahead as we continue to get ready to launch  our new website, online community, and more on Sunday, December 1, 2019.

It’s our mission to invest our time and energy in serving you with  inspiration and innovation to live the best in your exceptional life.


We’ve persisted and pursued this new venue through our desire to serve with our best. 

Thank You

We are grateful for you.  Thank you for your support.  We continue to rely on our friends and family to spread the word about TableThink as we work towards launching what has been on our heart.

By the way . . .  there’s now more than 45,000 total downloads of the **Think On This podcast.  Thank you!

Enjoy the month of anticipation! ~Joshua & Kerrie

*Luke 5

Coming Soon 

**Begin your day with the Think On This podcast and devotion. You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexaitunes, and podbean.

TableThink’s Weekly Rhythm, Routine, And Ritual 

  • Routine: A regular and fixed weekly best practice.
  • Rhythm: A sequenced pattern of living.
  • Ritual:  A set apart time and space for meaningful and sacred moments.

Sunday is reserved for soul work. There is value in taking time to be still to know God as well as coming together around the table and sharing life.

Soul work necessitates time alone as well as time with one another.

The thing is . . .  soul work is key to living best . . .  but often is last on the list.

Sunday Soul Work: 

Monday is our day to ramp up and renew an element of living.  We recommend this practice for individuals, couples, and families as well as organizations.  This best practice serves who we are and what we do.

“Monday” Articles:

Tuesday is the day to focus on”Best Practices.” 

Wednesday and Thursday will follow the theme of the week and month: Possibilities.

Friday Feature focuses on Your Tribe and TableThink Podcast As the traditional workweek ends, it’s key to get ready to shift into the weekend with inspiration to live the best.


Anne Miller is TableThink’s columnist for Your Tribe.  Anne is a part of TableThink’s new adventure and is getting ready for more!  Anne takes us home, reminding us  of what really matters.  She invites you to the TableThink tribe . . . and wants you to know it’s . . . Your Tribe.

Anne invites us: “I hope you will feel inspired to connect, reconnect, or get to know someone in your community, realizing it is not about entertaining – holding the attention of – it is about “being” together, sharing life and relationship.”


We feature table conversations at our table.  We are excited for you to get to know the who takes a seat at our table and think on the interesting, inspiring, and informative discussions.  We grow when we think outside of our personal realm, broadening our perspective with inspiration.  We are working on our faith series and will be releasing a new look with our TableThink podcast. 

TableThink podcast can be found on our website as well as on itunes and podbean.

Saturday features the weekend slow-down. Taking a breath on the weekend, slowing down, and stepping back from the busyness of the week is smart living.   It takes effort and practice to make the weekend slow-down routine a part of life.  The thing is . . . as simple as it sounds . . . weekend slow-down serves our “why.”

One of the obstacles to the weekend slow-down is the lack of awareness of its overall healthy impact on every piece of life.

Thinking  through the things which lead to your best weekend slow-down generates motivation to make it happen. It’s helpful to use the specific elements to create a personalized weekend slow-down menu.

Monthly Updates

And . . . Think On This . . . devotional and podcast is released every. single. day. 

You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexaitunes, and podbean.

Begin your day with the Think On This podcast and devotion. 


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