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A key element of our mission at TableThink is to inspire people . . .  to live their best and experience exceptional living . . . every. single. day.


There’s so much more to living than just making it through the day.


It’s easy to miss what more life could be.

I spent time with a couple who were angry at one another most of their marriage.  They both agreed on this one thing:  “The longer we live, the more we see what could have been . . . if, only . . .  we had paid attention to what mattered.” 

Is Exceptional Living Possible?  

Exceptional living doesn’t just happen.  It’s a daily choice.


There’s a mindset to exceptional living:

 God is more . . . doing more . . . and gives more to our daily life than can be imagined. 


Thoughts, especially those elicited from stress and anxiety, often get in the way of seeing God’s more.  Finding space in the day to gain perspective is crucial.


We have the ability to broaden our perspective.  Isaiah 43:18-21 is a reminder:

Look. Be alert. Be present.

  1. Be intentional:  Decisive, purposeful, deliberate, and mindful of the gap created by a lack of an awareness and focus.  
  2. Be interested: Active rather than passive, seeing the bigger picture, listening to understand, and discovering more in the story. 
  3. Be engaged:  Fully occupied, attentive, involved, and invested in someone and something.

Develop soul-deep vision.  The following three precepts give a greater perspective—

  1. God is preparing something new. 
  2. God is making a way through the impossibilities. 
  3. God is doing more than can be imagined.

Determine to possess gratitude. It takes a disciplined resolve to see each day as a gift from God, refusing to take it for granted. 

  1. Adjust your perspective with gratitude. 
  2. Stop complaining. 
  3.  Take every opportunity to say thank-you. 

Think On This . . . 

I have a favorite place to view the 150-mile Pacific Northwest Willamette Valley.

The vantage point has allowed me to gain perspective and understand there’s more to our reality than what is seen.  

The New Testament provides a panoramic view of the Reality of life.  

Christ is reality.

In reality, all things are possible.

Christ Jesus became humanity to transform humanity.

Christ understands humanity’s limitations.

In reality, humanity is released to live beyond the impossible. 

It’s worth thinking about:  In reality . . . there’s more to living . . .  than what can be seen, thought, or imagined.

Word . . . 

“… but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men”  (Philippians 2:7 (NASB)).

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October:  The Month of Possibilities

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