Are you ready for anything and everything?

The answer gives insight into our process and perception of life.

The thing is . . . it takes work to expect the *best outcome . . .  in the worst of circumstances. 

So. How is possible to expect the best outcome?

It’s a matter of what we give into . . . the best . . . or the worst.  

We will never know what will occur or where we would go next, if, we remain in a negative mindset.  The thing is . . . negativity is a key element . . .  of a victim mentality and life-style.  Daily exercising of the mind with truth develops a pathway of positivity and possibilities, changing a mindset of negativity and impossibilities.

Get Ready With Three Training Exercises:  

  1. Develop positive expectations:  “If, God  is for us (you and I) then who (what) can be against us?”  (Concept from Romans 8:31). 
  2. Remember and repeat the truth that there is a way through:  God is making a way (Concept from Isaiah 42:16). 
  3. Trust the best will come:  God is the God of more. (Concept from Lamentations 3).

Reading these training exercises is the first step; however, they require time and repetition to make a lasting impact.  Our best advice is to take a minute a day to ensure these are anchored in soul-deep.

Find a minute to be still and know the presence of God. Take a breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth.  Relax.  Shift your thoughts from what is taking space in your thoughts to the three concepts: 

  • God is for me. Nothing and no one can be against me. 
  • God is making a way through it.
  • God is the God of more.

The revelation of truth in the with-God life creates calm, confidence, and certainty.   Train with the expectation of the best outcome.  Be ready to manage and navigate what ever comes your way.

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*Psalm 25:9




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