Restorative Peace


Think On This . . .

When time grows long . . . when dissatisfaction attacks . . . and when it’s impossible to see beyond the moment . . .  there’s a desire to break free from the routine of it all.


The unexpected hard finds its way to us. 


There’s a longing for what was, a desire to go back in time, and regret for not seeing the gift of what really mattered. 

It defines our “not-yet” as well as our “now” and seems impossible to break through its impact.   

The thing is . . . when we acknowledge our need for restoration and open ourselves to healing . . . we find ourselves aligned with the restorative peace Jesus spoke about (John 14).

Jesus said the  Spirit . . . . would counsel us  . . . and issued peace to be ours. 

Healing is revealed through peace.  It’s yours, mine, and ours. 

Think On This with Joshua and Kerrie . . . a devotional and podcast . . . is released every. single. day.

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