Sunday Soul Work: Present In The Moment


Listen . . .

I’ve learned . . . the hard way . . . that doing too much, being too busy, saying yes before seeking God first, failing to have a day of rest, and not setting perimeters in my life to keep balanced leads to weariness, exhaustion, stress, and ultimately burn-out.

I often tell the story of how we had a packed calendar and a long list of to-do’s scheduled when our children were born.  We assumed we had to do it all.  But.  One of our children struggled with health in the first few weeks.  Accordingly, our life shifted into crisis-mode.  It’s amazing how easy it is to let go of everything when crisis occurs.  Crisis rules schedules.  Nothing mattered but the life of our child.

Throughout the years, I’ve had several conversations about the value of learning what crisis teaches, asking the question:

“If, the urgency of crisis can rule the day and change the calendar and to-do-list, then, why not let what matters in the moment take precedence?”

Think On This . . .

In the midst of the never-ending busyness . . . what matters tends to be missed . . . as the urgent of life takes over.   When this becomes a normal way to life, the gift of life is lost in the rush and pressure of it all.  


There’s a shift within the soul when there’s an intentional choice to slow down and be grateful for what really matters in the moment. 

The thing is . . . there must be a decision to pay attention to what matters in the moment . . .  with gratefulness.  

It’s interesting how making this effort will decrease stress, anxiety, and worry.  

Soul Exercise . . . For All Ages

  1.  Pause.   
  2.  Take five deep slow breaths.  Be mindful of slowing your breathing rate down.
  3. Become still. 
  4. Clear your mind of urgent matters.  Be mindful of letting each of these thoughts go.  This piece of the exercise is crucial to connect with what matters.  The urgent tends to drive what we do and define our day(s).   
  5. Think about the continual presence of God’s love. Being aware of the presence of God’s love transforms the moment. 
  6. Give thanks for God’s love. Gratefulness for God’s love restores the soul.
  7. Thank God for the gift of the never-ending love in each and every moment.   Our perception of the past, present, and future  changes when we develop the ability to see everything through the love of God rather than stress.
  8. Proceed.  Be in the moment with gratefulness.

The Moment

The thing is . . . it’s often easier to see the mistakes, misunderstandings, and messes of the day . . . rather than the gift of it all.  In this perfectionistic world of comparison it’s important to remember:

It’s not about perfection. It’s not about comparison. It’s about being present. 

First and foremost, focus on the presence of God’s love in the moment; it’s what matters above anything else.


God is present.  God is love.  God loves you, regardless of what you do.

Focus on what matters rather than on the urgent. It transforms the way life is lived.


It matters how life is lived in the moment.

Meditate . . . Be still and know God . . . 

There’s an aliveness within us when we are fully engaged with God’s love in the present moment. 

Word . . .

In the middle of the night I awake to give thanks to you because of all your revelation-light; so right and true!  (Psalm 119:62 (TPT)). 

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TableThink’s Sunday Rhythm, Routine, And Ritual 

  • Routine: A regular and fixed weekly best practice.
  • Rhythm: A sequenced pattern of living.
  • Ritual:  A set apart time and space for meaningful and sacred moments.

Reserving a day for soul work is a best practice.

Soul-work necessitates time alone as well as time with one another. There’s value in taking time to be still to know God as well as coming together around the table and sharing life.

The thing is . . .  soul-work . . .  is easily put off in the midst of it all.

We are often unaware . . . of our need for soul-work . . .  until we’ve been flattened by busyness, pressure and problems.  Without taking the action of soul-work, there’s a risk of feeling alone and disconnected from God. 

Sunday Soul Work: 


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