Have you thought about shifting gears to go in a new direction?

Eventually doing the same thing day in and day out takes the adventure out of life. There’s a difference between developing a rhythm of life and settling for less. Shifting gears is key. Shifting from our now to our not-yet is an adventure; however, it’s often viewed as a difficult challenge.

The thing is . . . there’s never a time . . . to be done shifting.

First things first. 

Developing the vision of the not-yet is a key piece of living the best.  There’s something to see which will shift your life. So.  Evaluate your perspective.  Shift the negative and darkness in your perspective to the positive and light.  Many people accept the limitations of their perspective.  But.  When our perspective shifts to the positive/light, unlimited possibilities are seen.


  • Why am I hesitant to make a shift?
  • How do I see a specific person or situation in the shift?
  • Do I immediately see the negative/darkness or the positive/light?
  • Am I willing to take action and make a shift?
  • How will the shift change my life and those connected to me?
  • What do I need to do in order to make a shift?

Of course.

No one knows what’s around the corner as the shift is made; however, a positive perspective produces energy to go for it.  Meditating and memorizing truth is essential to developing a healthy perspective of more.  This practice centers who we are and what we do as the shift is made. 

Soul-deep transforming truth:

We (I) live in God.

We (I) move in God.

We (I) exist in God.

Acts 17:28, Voice

This life-principle is a revelation of the journey of life.  God is the life-flow, directing and guiding us through each and every shift.  It’s a choice to shift, continuing to move in the life-flow.


  • Develop the vision where the shift will take you.
  • Keep a perspective of positivity and light.
  • Take action and make the shift.

Be ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 

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