Her books changed the way I lived my faith during my college years.  It was exciting to have her as a speaker at the conference I directed.  Her spoken and written words impacted all of us.


I assumed she still had . . . wealth . . . fame . . . a great marriage . . . and an incredible faith.


Years and the stuff of life separated us. I had been unaware she had entered into a life of aloneness and addiction. She lost family, fame, health, and wealth.  Even so, she returned to God, believing God would do a new thing in the wilderness of her life.  It took time to navigate her new life.  Eventually,  she began a new life, writing and speaking with a raw and transformed faith.

It’s hard to imagine this happened to such an amazing faith-filled human-being; however, I’ve lived long enough to know the soul-deep storms can wreck havoc in our life.   Her life is a revelation of the redeeming power of grace producing hope. 

Hope is the catalyst of finding a new pathway in the middle of the wilderness of life.  The way out of the wilderness is filled with challenges; however, it’s where the new begins and our “why” is restored. 

The Word came to John the Baptist in the wilderness, empowering him to prepare the way for Jesus. 

Think on this . . .

Why would the human-being called to prepare the way for Jesus be in the wilderness?  

As hard as it is, the wilderness of life provides the opportunity to become stronger, revealing the raw truth of life.  We may begin the journey into the wilderness feeling alone; however, God comes and is our Shelter and Strength.  God is with us as we find our way through, making it possible to  break through the power of fear and the impossibilities which invade our life. 

Meditate On Truth.

Make the time to do some soul work today. Psalm 91 provides a word picture of God in our life.  Take time to read it. Receive God’s soul-deep active-living message.

Meditate on the revelation of the presence of God in and through the times you find yourself in the wilderness:

  • You are not alone. 
  • God is your Shelter, Strength, and Confidence of more. 
  • God provides the Way out of the wilderness. 
  • God is the Hope who holds and guides you on the pathway out of the wilderness.  

The Word comes . . .

giving soul-deep shelter and strength in the wilderness. . .

restoring who you are and what’s yours to do .  

Sunday Soul Work: 

Letter From Joshua And Kerrie: April . . . The Month Of Rising


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