The Hard Will Not Remain


Think On This . . . 

The ancient man, Job, had great challenges.  After living with incredible wealth and fortune, he lost everything.   And, as you can imagine, the loss impacted every element of his life.

Job’s loss created soul deep havoc and struggle.  It took willful determination to choose to to overcome the inner struggle of loss and change his perspective on life.  

Nothing will change until we stop and make space to intentionally focus on God, which allows us comprehend that the hard-of-life passes through each of our lives.

The load will become lighter . . .

the truth of reality will be seen . . .

and hope will be reclaimed,

when we realize the hard of it is passing through.  

 Our circumstances may not change.


We change . . . when we navigate the way through it . . . with God. 


God gives strength in our weakness to release the power of the hard as it passes through our life.


God is the One who gives the insight and ability to know and say the words, “It is well (with my soul).”

The three words . . . it is well . . . are well worth remembering every. single. day.

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