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Joshua shares a favorite memory about Easter.

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TableThink has complied our series “The Hour Has Come” for you to think on what Easter means for you and yours @ The Hour Has Come:  Easter Message:

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PERSPECTIVE . . . The Hour Has Come

Easter is the red-letter day of all days, a day to set aside and celebrate. The impact of this day is amazing.
Think on this: The numbers of Christ followers continue to increase since the first Easter. The power of something which could have been barely noticed has propelled itself through humanity over 2000 years.
Amazing grace and unstoppable love defines who we are as Christ followers, continuing to impact every generation.
The presence of Christ continues to be experienced as it was on the first Easter:
Early on Sunday morning, the women, Jesus’ friends went to prepare his body. The stone was rolled away, his grave clothes folded, the body gone. Mary saw a man, she supposed the gardener and ran to him.
BUT. (And it’s a BIG BUT.)
The man turned, looked at her, and said her name: “Mary.”
She knew it was Jesus. She new he was alive.
Immanuel, God with us, conquered death. Three words were repeated:
He is risen!
Jesus appeared to many. He is Christ, the Anointed One.
In Christ:
I am
Accepted . . . Christ bore my burden of condemnation.
I am
Alive . . . Christ took on my death, setting me free from the grave.
I am
Amazed . . . Christ’s costly grace is always at work in me.
I am
Always blessed . . . Christ is my faithful Friend, never leaving or failing me.
I am
Anticipating . . . Christ gives more than what I will ever ask, think, or imagine.

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Together is key to living our best.   So.  We began searching what others are offering online and added it to the daily Think On This article under LIVING OUR BEST TOGETHER. 

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