The Hour Has Come: The Old Is Gone


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Think On This:   You are invited to take a seat at TableThink’s virtual table to join our conversation about the day before Easter.

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Joshua reminds us of the old vinegar smell that comes with coloring Easter eggs and gives insight to the meaning of today. 

Also . . . . TableThink has complied “Living Our Best Together” online connections in the article Living Our Best Together:  What Others Are Offering

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PERSPECTIVE . . . The Hour Has Come

The silence of death is deafening.  The aloneness of death is devastating.  The loss of death is traumatizing.

And.  So it was with Jesus’ death.   

One of the greatest challenges after death is determining if, meaning in life remains for those left behind. 

And.  So it was with Jesus’ followers. 

Death turns life inside-out.  Nothing remains the same.  Moving forward seems impossible.

And.  So it was with Jesus’ death. 

Crisis comes with death.  Crisis is a process; however, crisis often becomes a way of life.

And.  So it is with us.  

It takes a decision to navigate life when everything changes.

So.  Begin by focusing on what remains true:   

  1. Develop positive expectations:  “If, God  is for us (you and I) then who (what) can be against us?”  (Concept from Romans 8:31):  God is for me. Nothing and no one can be against me. 
  2. Remember and repeat the truth that there is a way through:  God is at work. (Concept from Isaiah 42:16):  God is making a way through it.
  3. Trust the best will come:  God always does more than can be imagined. (Concept from Lamentations 3):  God is the God of more.

The revelation of truth in the with-God life creates calm, confidence, and certainty. Be ready to manage and navigate what ever comes your way with truth.  Meditating and memorizing truth is essential to developing a healthy perspective of more.

The old is gone.  It’s important to remember there’s more to come.

Living Our Best Together:  What Others Are Offering

Together.  It’s who we are at the table. 

Together is key to living our best.   So.  We began searching what others are offering online and added it to the daily Think On This article under LIVING OUR BEST TOGETHER. 

We’ve compiled what we’ve released the last few days.

Go to

~Together with you–Joshua & Kerrie

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