The Hour Has Come: The Purpose Of Love


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Think On This:   You are invited to take a seat at TableThink’s virtual table to join our conversation about thinking on Easter by making space for Holy Week.  We are challenged at the table to do some spiritual spring cleaning in order to let go of misaligned thoughts, habits, and beliefs in order to live the best life. 

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Joshua explains his encounter with the Easter Bunny.  (Yep.)

Also . . .  Scholastic is generously offering free online classes.  Take a look in this article @ LIVING OUR BEST TOGETHER: Scholastic Learn At Home.

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PERSPECTIVE . . . The Hour Has Come  These words mark the shift from “‘what was” to “what would be” through the incomprehensible and unstoppable power of God’s love  . . and underlines the transforming power of what occurred on . . . Holy Week.  

Mark 11:17-18 is a powerful word imagery of Jesus, The Teacher.

imagery of Jesus, The Teacher. There’s no way anyone would have nodded off during this teaching.  I imagine the listeners were wide-eyed and holding their breath as Jesus taught with powerful, strong, and passionate words.  The religious leaders were used to being in control and the people assumed what they did and said had to be right.  So.  It was huge when Jesus succinctly underlined the wrong of what the religious leaders were doing.
It’s not only a word to “them” but a revelation for each one of us:  The highest purpose of the with-God life is love.  In other words, life is not about religious rules but about relationship with God and one-another through never-ending love.

This moment in the Holy Week is worth thinking on to evaluate what we need to release in order to experience the fulfillment of the highest purpose of living.

Today’s Challenge:  Do some spiritual spring cleaning in order to let go of misaligned thoughts, habits, and beliefs in order to live the best life.


Scholastic is providing daily projects for different age groups.   Their intent is to keep kids “reading, thinking, and growing” during this most unusual time. 

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Thank you for joining our conversation today. Take time to think on this and join us tomorrow.  We pray you are finding your way through the world’s current life-storm.  Our TableThink team welcomes your comments, questions, and prayer requests, you can email us at [email protected].

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