The “I” word, innovate, is one of the three words of the year.  The TableThink team is passionate about innovation.  The thing is . . . innovation is about change . . . not out of necessity but from the dream of “more.”    When we seek to innovate, we must be willing to think new ideas and imagine more than what others think is possible “now” and in the “not-yet.”  The realm of innovation is unlimited.

Innovation is driven by faith, living beyond the impossible.

Innovation requires seeing the bigger picture and believing it.   

Innovation comes out of the passion to live the best life. 

Innovation results in change, which can be extremely challenging and downright difficult.  Change requires energy and work.  Even so, innovation moves us away from settling for something less and missing what could have been.

The potential of innovation is unlimited.  When innovation is a mindset, the problems of the day become an opportunity.  This means the headlines of our thoughts need to be reframed from labeling something as a problem to an opportunity.  It’s an exercise which takes time and faith in the “more” God has planned.

Rather than thinking, “There’s a problem.”

We are working on the mindset of opportunity by asking, “What is our opportunity in this situation?”

Focusing on the opportunity rather than problem side of life sparks innovation.  It’s a vital piece of living our best.

The TableThink team invites you to make the “I” word, innovate, to be yours for the year.  Innovation changes everything.

Joshua and Kerrie had a conversation about innovation in Studio 365 as they began to plan TableThink’s official launch.



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