The Truth Of Amazing Grace


Listen . . . 


TableThink’s Sunday soul work focuses on living the with-God life.

Sometimes good memories are produced from hard situations.  Several years ago . . . actually it feels like yesterday . . . I had a hard day, the kind which is remembered forever:

It was my turn to pick the kids up.   So.   I began the rounds by picking up our son, a first grader at the time.  There was an instant connection.  My first grader intuitively knew I was having a bad day.   Or . . . at least he knew . . . I had a challenging attitude (you can figure that out on your own).

Anyway . . .

Sitting in the back seat with all the seriousness of a six-year old, he stared at me through his big glasses and sang “Amazing Grace.“ 

All of it.

He sang it all the way across town for 30 minutes.  When we picked up my middle daughter, who was in high school, he told her to get in the car quickly and sing “Amazing Grace“ with him.  He added, “It’s a bad day.”

Then, of course, he called his sister, who was attending college in Idaho,  letting her know she needed to sing to me. 

Kids do seem to see the truth in their parents.

The long ago day is still a sweet memory . . . because . . . by the end of the day . . . I could say it had been a good day because of “Amazing Grace.”

When it comes down to it . . . we are who we are . . . and we do what we do . . . through the grace of God, which is always more than can be imagined. The continual active grace of God changes us as well as the world around us.
Grace is the power to do what we can’t do on our own.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Become still.
  • Connect with God.
  • Listen.
  • Allow God’s amazing grace to fill you soul-deep.
  • Share God’s amazing grace with others.

And.  When the opportunity comes . . .

  • Sing the words of the old hymn, “Amazing Grace” to someone who needs to hear God’s grace is present and will withstand whatever is to be navigated.
It’s amazing how grace changes everything . . . including . . . this present moment.
Think on it.


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