Today’s Purpose


The thing is . . . life can be overwhelming . . . making survival the goal, priority, and a way of living.  Sometimes there does not seem to be enough time to take a deep breath, let alone to find the reason you’ve received the gift to live today and tomorrow.  It’s easy to think, “If, I can just get through this day . . . I will . . .  ” 

But.  Day after day often ends up being the same.

Time seems to disappear under the weight of the urgency and pressure of every. single. day. 


Clarity comes when there’s a “time-out” from the urgency and pressure of it all. It requires intentionality  to pause and see the opportunity and reason for receiving the gift of the day.  In the end, each and everyone is a traveler of sorts, moving through the time and place of every. single. day.

Regardless of what needs to be navigated, the meaning of living the day far surpasses the circumstances. 

Of course, it can seem beyond hard to see there’s more to living.  The way reality is perceived often puts a negative spin in our daily narrative, creating a perception of problems and impossibilities defining the day.


There’s a God-given purpose attached to each day of our life. 


With God . . . there’s always more than what can be seen . . . or thought and imagined.


It’s a risk of faith to loosen our grip on controlling the way we want each day to go, and trust God to open the door to something more.  There’s much more to experience . . . when we let go . . . and trust.


It can become a habit to be a “hero (victim)” of a problem-centered day and feel hard to relinquish the problems as well as the position of hero to trust God’s more.  Of course, it’s hard to evaluate the places we’ve positioned ourselves as hero; however, honesty produces the courage to let go of our self-appointed status.

Letting go is crucial to live beyond the problems. 

Peace comes with the choice to shift our focus to our God-given daily purpose, risking faith rather than succumbing to fear, refusing to settle for less.


You are never alone, God is always with you and will never leave you.

You have the opportunity to see the impossible become possible each day.

You have the opportunity to be salt and light, adding flavor and revelation throughout the day.


You have the opportunity to give love, grace, and kindness every. single. day.


Be ready . . . for the gift  . . .  of living each day with purpose.


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