Think On This . . .

Jesus said to seek God’s kingdom first (Matthew 6:33).  What does seeking God’s kingdom mean for our life? 

Here’s one thing to think on: 

Seeking leads to the process of finding.  And.  When we find God, we first and foremost find love.  When we seek love first, we step into the “more” of God.  It’s a key piece of our relational connection.  The thing is . . . shifting into this transformative pattern of seeking first . . . changes our perspective . . . allowing us to see and live beyond circumstances and whatever weighs us down.  


Love overcomes.   Love changes everything when it’s our response.  Love transforms.  

The pattern of seeking God first transforms every. single. day.

Think On This with Joshua and Kerrie . . . is a devotional and podcast . . . released every. single. day.  You can listen to Think On This on our website or on Alexaitunes, and podbean.


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