Weekend Slow-Down Matters


Why is that we want to slow down on the weekend but we never do?


The weekend slow-down is key to our rhythm of living.


Busyness often continues with all the things which can’t be scheduled in the hurry of the weekdays.


The weekend slow-down matters.  It’s not to be a rule but a ritual. Setting time aside to pause and restore is a centuries-long belief.   The book, Exodus, discussed this as an element of Sabbath: ” . . . Work six days and do everything you need to do. But the seventh day is a Sabbath to God, your God . . .

Though, I believed in taking time for the Sabbath mattered, I could not figure out how to routinely slow down given my long list of responsibilities.

I lived several seasons of life running hard seven days a week.  It took time for me to realize setting aside a day to experience calm and quiet gave strength to run the race of life.  Yes.  I loved the thought of “sabbath” and would try to practice it now and then; however, it’s now become a sacred ritual.  The word, ritual, rather than habit makes sense.

 A ritual is established and observed soul deep.  

Weekend rituals, sacred routines and celebrations, are often missed despite how much they mean and matter.   Rituals bring shape and form to the soul, renewing and regenerating the life within.   Living in the sacred of life is a learned practice, rarely exercised in the rushed and busyness of the weekday. (Excerpt from Weekend Ritual)

I couldn’t do the slow-down on my own.  I would be told to make sure I had time to rest; however, I received a to-do-list at the same time.  The to-do-list negated the encouragement to slow down.  They did not fit together.   So . . . I could not figure out  how to do it  . . . until I aligned myself with those who lived the weekend differently than the weekdays.  These individuals had the belief that life is richer when the slow-down is an essential element of living.  It’s a powerful lesson to learn and these individuals continue to teach me.

Joshua has been the driver of the weekend slow-down life principle at TableThink.


He’s helped me to understand this. is. essential.

I can tell you for sure, the weekend slow-down makes an incredible difference in how life is lived.

As always, you are invited to take a seat at TableThink‘s virtual table and join the conversation.


Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or something.  Find a sweet spot during the weekend to take time to slow-down.  

Pause. Breathe. And. Slow down. 

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