Weekend Well-Being


It’s the weekend!

The stress of the weekday pace  easily invades the weekend.   Years ago, I learned to focus on three words:

All is well. 

This did not define the circumstances as good or bad.


These words are soul-deep healing because it requires surrender and trust to know it’s true as the challenges are navigated.   I am not saying it’s  easy to come to this conclusion in the midst of it all.


It’s possible.

All is well.

These words contradict the mindset of the culture.  But.  The process of exchanging thoughts of the probable worst outcome for the best possible outcome shifts our focus.  When you get down to it, this is a transformational mindset and a foundational “yes” to God.

The thing is . . . navigating life changes when it’s based on being connected with the presence of God . . .  rather than with fear, worry, and stress.So.  Take time.  Slow down.  Commune with the presence of God. Focus on the words, “All is well.”

  • Slow Down.
  • Pause.
  • Breathe.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Pay attention. 
  • Connect to the presence of God.
  • Focus on the words, “All is well.”
  • Light a candle to mark the sacredness of the moment.
  • Thank God.
  • Breathe

As always, you are invited to take a seat at TableThink‘s virtual table and join the conversation.


Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or something.  Find a sweet spot during the weekend to breathe, slow-down, and become calm.

It’s the weekend:  Enjoy weekend slow-down~Kerrie

*I’ve spent a significant part of  life in an alternate “universe” of the slow-down.  I ran at a high-pace every single day of the week as, if, it had to be a mandatory element of living.  The stress of it all seemed normal to me. It took time for me to realize I had developed my sense of self from doing rather than being.  

The thing is . . . living without space for the slow-down opens the door . . .  to increased stress, exhaustion, and illness.  The slow-down is essential to our well-being and overall health.  After spending a significant amount of life with busyness and a packed schedule at the forefront, I’ve learned the weekend slow-down matters and has become a sacred gift in my life.  

It’s a continual conversation at TableThink’s table. 

Joshua and I often discuss how we’ve struggled in finding space to slow down in the demands of the pastoral life. 

We agree it’s a key element in our coaching and teaching.  Of course, we need to practice what we coach and teach in order to influence others to do the same.

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