What Will You Leave?

Note: We recorded today’s Think On This podcast from our article, Organize One Thing One Day A Week.  Because.  It has produced many conversations with the TableThink community.

We hope you will listen, read, think on this, and continue the conversation . . .

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Think On This . . . 

Think on these words from an elderly friend:  It’s better to get rid of something now than to have someone go through your stuff after you leave this earth.  What we keep becomes part of our story.  Let’s be honest, our stuff leaves a message that’s not always complimentary. 

The person who sorts through our stuff after we die might not only  wonder why we kept something but will most likely tell others about it. 

You can’t do anything about what you leave behind after death; however,  you can take care of it now, unless, today is your day to leave the world. (Excerpt from the article, Organize One Thing One Day A Week.) 

Whatever we leave behind, becomes our legacy.   

It’s up to each one of us to be purposeful of what we leave behind.   

The thing to remember is that less is more. . . when we reduce and let go of the things that don’t matter . . .  our life message becomes more powerful and memorable.

Take time to sift and sort through your possessions, your actions, your behavior, and your words. 

Keep what matters. Let go of the rest.

Perspective . . . 

“Oh, how bad for those who hoard property and wealth,  buying up houses and fields, right and left, Until there is no place left for anyone else;  you will find yourselves very alone in the midst of this great land!”  (Isaiah 5:8 (Voice)). 

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