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Organization is often the “thing” we know we “should” do but don’t do. It’s common to explain our disorganization is because of a lack of time.  There’s nothing more to explain, there never seems to be enough time to do what we need to do.

The thing is . . . organization does not seem to matter . . . until disorganization takes over. 


Disorganization takes our time when we can’t find something. 

Even so, organization can be stressful to think on, triggering many responses.  The work of organization has been blown out of proportion.  There are ways to make it work for each individual.

There’s not one system which is best for all.  So.  TableThink has been working on a system which can be converted to fit a variety of needs.

Organization does not need to be a big deal but rather a “best practice.”  The best practice of organization makes a difference in most elements of  our life.

  • Organization is a daily tool.
  • Organization makes a difference. 
  • Organization is smart.

One thing for sure is  organization is not about perfection but is about serving what’s yours to do every. single. day.

What’s one thing that creates stress because it’s disorganized?

Start with the one thing . . . work on the one thing in ten minute segments . . . let go of the unnecessary, determining if it can be recycled, donated, or needs to go to the dump.

It’s amazing how much can be done in ten-minute segments.

Resist the urge to try to do everything at once.

Trying to do everything often leads to accomplishing little, if, anything.

 Two Elements Of Managing What’s Yours

  1.  Less is more.   Daily life is easier when there’s less to manage.
  2.  Begin with an easy project.  Save the hardest projects for last.  Completing an easy project produces the momentum to do more.

October:  The Month of Possibilities

Coming Soon 


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