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Yesterday . . .

In the rush of getting ready for the day, the sign in our living room caught my attention.  It simply says,  “Blessed.”

I was reminded of the words said to me years ago, “You have the blessing of God.”

. . . There were problems in the pregnancy.  We were told it was a high risk pregnancy.  I went on total bedrest.

We had barely been able to navigate our life with a toddler, work, and our daily needs. 

So.  Total bedrest because of a high risk pregnancy made life seem impossible.

A friend called me after hearing about our situation and said she wanted to encourage me.   She preceded to tell me that she and her husband were blessed with a healthy pregnancy . . . because . . . they did not have “sin.” She encouraged me to “get right” with God.

In case you are wondering . . . I did not feel encouraged . . . at all. 

The same friend called our mutual friend, Barbie, explaining she was putting a prayer chain together for our family, hoping my sin would be revealed so we could be blessed.  It prompted Barbie to visit me.  First things first, she made me laugh.   I needed to laugh.   She helped me regain my perspective with humor, reminding me about others who had good circumstances as well as “issues.”

Then . . . 

Barbie gave me a talk she repeated throughout the years of her life.  “Kerrie, you have the blessing of God. You have to choose to accept it.  You know this.

The words gave me perspective.   I had peace and knew we could navigate the hard space of life.

Blessed . . .

So.  I want to encourage you with the same words:  “You have the blessing of God.”

God is with you.  God is for you.  God will bring good out of the details of your day.

*It’s interesting how good circumstances are often used as the marker of being blessed.  The thing is . . . the blessing of God . . . goes deeper than our current circumstances.  To be blessed is to know the presence and activity of God . . . love, grace, peace, hope, joy . . .  and all soul-deep gifts.

I pray you know you have the blessing of God–Kerrie

*Jesus’ words give perspective on what it means to be blessed. When you get a chance read Matthew 5 in the Message translation (you can click this link and find it at 

October:  The Month of Possibilities

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