Your Life Message


The way we live the day matters.  When you get down to it, each day is a revelation of the message of our life.

The thing is . . . our life message . . . is to be timeless and will be a key piece of our legacy. 


Keeping our life message fresh resonates soul-deep.


It makes sense to delineate what our message is to be and to let go of whatever competes or interrupts the meaning of it.  In other words, our message is in a constant state of revision, “a compilation of re-ordering, re-organizing, re-doing, and refreshing. It’s an ongoing process . . . Life itself is a process and this is part of it.  Here’s the thing:  Somehow unnecessary things end up occupying our space, energy, and time.  . . .  (Revising).

The thing is . . . what occupies our space, energy, and time . . . underlines our life message.  Letting go of the unnecessary . . .  leads to less pressure, less drama, less to-do lists, less “stuff” . . . and more joy.  The time and effort required to release the unnecessary is a catalyst to joy as it gives way to the revelation of what matters to you.


At the end of the day, your true message is defined by what matters to you.

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