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Developing and maintaining systems which help to navigate life in the best way is an ongoing process.  Our systems of living need to be evaluated and sometimes overhauled as we move through life. Taking the time to revise is an investment in who we are and what we do.

No matter how you look at it, life is short.


Living our best can’t be put off.


Let’s be honest.

We often put off these kind of tasks. It often feels like one more thing to do.


It’s one thing which will make a difference in how life is lived.  Creating workable systems reduces the chaos of daily living and clears the way to do what matters.

Energy increases with a daily commitment to be fully invested in the day.  The catalyst to living with less energy and enthusiasm often comes from frustration and disappointment in the way things are going.  In turn, we invest less of ourselves into what’s ours to do.

The thing is . . .   exhaustion easily sets in . . .  when we’re less invested. 

There’s a life-long return on investing in what’s ours to do.  The return continues generation after generation.  Investment is key to living our best.

The best investment is made in whatever serves our purpose and mission, which is our “why.”

Putting systems in place to keep on course makes sense. These systems include organizing and managing energy, time, the spaces we occupy (home and work), health, finances, and much more.

In the end, the systems to develop are the ones which help manage and navigate the best life.


What is your best to be now and in my not-yet for each area of my life?

What systems need to be put in place to do what’s mine to do?


“Does this serve my best?”

Putting systems in place to live your best takes careful thought and consideration.  And. It’s worth the time, energy, and effort.

Note:  A daily (short-term) and long-term plan is key in implementing our systems.

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